About us

In 2008, we founded „Stromrad“ (electric bike) in Stuttgart. The first contacts were made on events of the Association ExtraEnergy. Each of us was also occuppied before in various forms with the subject of alternative mobility and new technological approaches.

Thus, the central Stromrad City Store in Stuttgart, Olgastrasse 43 is now a top address concerning electric mobility on two wheels. Stromrad is not tied solely to one manufacturer and therefore offer a comprehensive overview. So consulting is an intensive, objective advice. Also, there is the opportunity to test bikes on a test drive extensively.

Besides selling, bikes can be borrowed by the hour or per day. This also includes groups of up to 10 persons. So everyone can easily and conveniently get a first impression of electric mobility.

Service is a major subject. This refers not only to repairs and accessories in our repair shop but also to the possibilities of financing or leasing bikes.

In the (topographically) difficult environment of Stuttgart Stromrad thus shows for several years that electrical mobility brings fun and joy in this new kind of mobility for everyone.

Stromrad Stuttgart Team | Marcel

Marcel Plogstedt

Workshop Manager and sales

Our almost desperate search for an experienced all-rounder ‚finally succeeded, and Marcel has captured with his profound knowledge of workshop and its expertise in counseling sessions quickly become firmly established Stromrad and in the favor of our customers. Welcome to the team!

E-mail: info [at] stromrad [dot] com
Fon : +49 (0) 711 – 31 953 771

Claus Tscherning

Marketing, products and electronics

Our man for the electrical and electronic issues. If there are problems with the engine or the battery he finds the cause and can quickly resolve the problem in many cases. The Design of products and Stromrad itself is another issue for him.

E-mail: info [at] stromrad [dot] com
Phone : +49 (0) 711 – 31 953 771

Eberhard Franke

Director of Finance and Marketing

Oversees the financial and marketing related questions. Drives with it more than the 20% envisaged commutes of total Traffic which the mayor of Stuttgart pronounced for bicycles in the future.

E-mail: info [at] stromrad [dot] com
Phone : +49 (0) 711 – 31 953 771

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