Grant´s European Tour – Part One

Grant Walter on his European e-Bike Tour | Part oneReport from Grant after the first 1.000+ km

Hi Ulrich,

I’m in Berlin – an interesting place, quite unlike any other city in Germany that I’ve visited.

I’m loving the bike, I’ve done more than 1000 kms and almost all of it in ‚Eco‘ mode, I used ‚Tour‘ just once in Alsace on a particularly steep climb into the vineyards and I also used Turbo once, just to see what it was like – in a word, awesome. As I’ve been riding a recumbent bike for a long time now, I had to adjust my riding style just a little bit to get the best from the bike, what I’ve found is that I get the best performance if I just relax. Now that’s the way to ride isn’t it?

The belt drive and NuVinci combination gets a lot of attention from other cyclists (and everyone else) and I have to tell them that the NuVinci is so intuitive and easy to use. Carrying a full touring load seems to make a slight difference to the predicted range, when the bikeis not loaded with the panniers, the computer shows a range of 100+ kms, with the panniers loaded, it shows 90 (and reduces faster than when unloaded) but I have’t had any problems with range. A couple of caf s have offered to recharge the battery while I have my usual mid-morning coffee, a brilliant service.

As for the ride itself, I’ve been to Heidelberg, Mannheim, Strasbourg and on to Paris, with a lot of smaller towns in between. I took the night train from Paris to Berlin, ridiculously easy with the bike. I’ll spend a few days more here in Berlin (my daughter is living here) and then I’m planning on riding to Prague (via Dresden and the Elbe Radweg) and after that? I don’t know!

The handle bar bag has been incredibly useful, many thanks.

I’ll let you know how things are going when I get to Prague.


We wish you all the best for the 2nd part of your trip!

Stromrad Team | Stuttgart.

European Tour Report Page  | EuroVelo- European cycle route network

Grant drives on his Tour a Riese und Müller CHARGER hybrid nuvinci beltdrive | 2014 with Bosch Performance Line Drive.

please see here our e-Bike collection from Riese und Müller

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