Grant´s European Tour – Part Two

Grant Walter on his European e-Bike Tour | Part twoGrant reports from Budapest | Hungary after his 2. Section of the Tour

Hi Ulrich

I’m in Budapest!  A fascinating place, tho to get here I had to ride a little harder and further each day than I intended as my daughter took a short holiday here and invited me to join her, so I did.

I came via Prague (a beautiful city), Vienna (another really beautiful city) and Bratislava (not as pretty as Vienna, but a lot more fun, I really liked it).

Of course, the EuroVelo 6 bike route runs between Vienna and Budapest and I’ve been following this bike route along the Danube, easy riding as it’s mostly very flat, tho I’ve used ‚Tour‘ mode a bit more

The Elbe Radweg (I followed this to Prague via Dresden) and, as I’ve noted, the Danube Radweg, are easy using ‚Eco‘ mode where assistance is needed, but from Prague to Vienna (via Cesky Krumlov and Linz) there were a few challenging climbs (at least, challenging for me, so I used ‚Tour‘ mode).

The weather has been quite hot for June, many consecutive days above 30 C, so I’ve been starting out early and either ending my riding day early, or taking a break in the middle of the day and riding  again in the later afternoon, the nice long hours of daylight make this very easy.

As usual on a bicycle tour I’ve met some really nice people, both the Elbe and Danube Radwegs were quite busy, a lot of touring cyclists. I crossed the Danube by ferry at Vac with group of American cyclists on an organised bike tour – they ride and their baggage is taken to the next hotel for them, and if they don’t feel like riding, they too are taken to the next hotel, a very easy way to tour – anyway, they were very impressed by my bike, took lots of pictures and asked lots of questions.

I’m really pleased with the bike, it’s performing brilliantly.

Where to from Budapest?  I don’t know!  For now tho, I’m going to enjoy a few days holiday in Budapest.

All the best.

Thank you again for your Tour Report, Grant.

We wish you nice vacation days in Budapest & all the best for the 3rd part of your trip!

Stromrad Team | Stuttgart.

European Tour Report Page  | EuroVelo- European cycle route network

Grant drives on his Tour a Riese und Müller CHARGER hybrid nuvinci beltdrive | 2014 with Bosch Performance Line Drive.

Fotos: Grant Walter | Links: Wikipedia, EuroVelo

please see here our e-Bike collection from Riese und Müller

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